We spend BILLIONS helping animals, shed tears when a dog dies in a movie, empathize with the child who has lost their pet, decry those who abuse animals.

But what about humans? do we care if the convicted felon is being treated humanely by their guardians? or do we simply not pay attention?

1 out of every 32 adults are in prison in the US, per http://www.prisonsucks.com/.

They are our Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, and friends. They are people who have made a mistake and are paying their debt.

How do we as a society justify treating them with less caring then we show for our pets? Feeding them food that our dogs wouldn’t eat, medical care that is substandard, living conditions we would not tolerate.

If we take responsibility for a human life we must treat that life at least as well as our pets.

This is the mission of CURE IL.

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CURE IL’s mission is to hold the Justice System accountable through a transparency policy that will monitor human practices to ensure that the incarcerated are treated with human dignity.