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Donate to help CURE IL. Volunteer to help out. Volunteer to join the board. Contact us, if you are interested. Participate in one or more of our campaigns.



Whether monthly or a special, one-time gift, we commit to use your contribution to make a difference. Contact us at:, or call 312-590-6129

The criminal justice system is difficult to understand and navigate. Family and friends may be overwhelmed by other responsibilities while dealing with a loved one who is incarcerated . Just trying to help can be a daunting task.

We understand those feelings. At the same time, if the criminal justice system is to improve, we need many people to speak up about the problems. A few great advocates won’t change much.Together we change. and put justice back in criminal justice.



Here are a few suggestions. No one can do all of these things. Your effort and influence, helps!

If you are incarcerated and can write or call your loved ones, do so. If you love someone who is incarcerated write or visit, if possible. Incarceration is designed to isolate people. We need to combat that. We also need people in the free world to understand what goes on in our prisons and jails. Be informed. Consider studying the publications listed on our resources page.

Join CURE ILLINOIS. Attend conferences or seminars on the subject. Ask questions.

If you are incarcerated, use the systems available to file complaints about legitimate concerns. If you are in the free world and encounter problems or are concerned about problems faced by someone who is incarcerated, contact the prison administrator. Talk with policy makers such as legislators and ombudsman to be certain that they understand the problems. Educate. Talk to your friends and associates. Let them know what is happening. Write letters to the editor. Challenge inaccurate reporting. Write, call, or email the editor to point out inaccuracies.



Do your part to elect leaders who understand criminal justice issues and support constructive policies.

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