(730 ILCS 5/) Unified Code of Corrections, (730 ILCS 5/Ch. V Art. 8A heading), ARTICLE 8A. ELECTRONIC HOME DETENTION is the law. This is a fact.
This law is clear “Home detention” means the confinement of a person convicted or charged with an offense to his or her place of residence under the terms and conditions established by the supervising authority” not out of house, not a threat to the community. This is a fact.
The Illinois Department of Corrections has chosen to ignore this law, even though their job is to enforce the law. This is a fact.
It would save the taxpayers a great deal of money anywhere between $175,000,000. To $305,000,000. This is a fact.
The law requires a person to have a support system in place. This is a fact.
The law only allows first time non violent offenders to be placed on Electronic Home Detention. This is a fact.
It does not allow violent or sex offenders to apply. This is a fact.
The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CRIMINOLOGY states that” crime peaks in the late teens and early 20s, and declines thereafter” This is a fact.
The majority of those eligible for Electronic Home detention are over 55. This is a fact
The State of Illinois is broke. This is a fact.
It costs about $55.00 per day per prisoner to be incarcerated. It costs less than $1.00 per day for each person on Electronic Home Detention. This is a fact.
The difference in cost is about $54.00 per day. This is a fact.
What would you do with $54.00 per day extra?

  • Anthony LaRocca

    Re: EM This information is relative to EHM the equipment and the proceedures to implement the the current law.
    However the IDOC does in fact use EHM for releasing sex offenders to EHM.
    The IDOC would be able to borrow the devices from the sex offender division.Sex offenders are released on EHM all the time.
    So why not for First Time Non- Violate offenses.
    IDOC must now step to the plate and finally adhere to the current laws as written requarding EHM.

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