Madeleine Ward

Madeleine Ward has been instrumental in driving the cause forward.  She helped launch a project that eventually led to Illinois becoming the first state to approve the use of Social Impact Bonds statewide, as a means of investing in programs that address the problems of social and health issues, while saving the public sector money. Currently, a group has been formed to address criminal justice and the mentally ill through a jail diversion program.

Brokered a program with the Federal Prison System that addresses different social needs. The problems of adult illiteracy and the wasting of the education and training of white collar criminals who are incarcerated. One of the most difficult hurdles in literacy training is the continuity of volunteers to teach. One of the consequences of imprisonment is lack of outlets for the incarcerated to give back to society. This program, currently in a test stage in Bakersfield, CA answers both problems.

A parent may lose custody of their child if their incarceration extends beyond 18 months. This is a devastating potential for mother, child, and society.

A potentially effective resolve may be enacted by the use of an existing Public Act with the cooperation of significant social agencies to provide an effective halfway house allowing children to be with their parents, CURE IL has obtained approvals and cooperation from the agencies is critical to support of potential of this new program. This program is funded by Social Impact Bonds and is currently being tested at two women’s shelters.

CURE has also been instrumental in the passage of three bills:

  • Electronic Home Detention for first-time juvenile offenders
  • The ability for those sentenced for retaliating against their abuser to use domestic violence in their defense.
  • Requires State to register for healthcare all detainees before their release.