Re: The Non- Violent First Time offenders vs. Sex Offenders for the EHM.
IDOC releases sex offenders on EHM on regular basis.
However IDOC refuses to adhere to the current EHM laws that relate to first time non-violent offenders being released on EHM.
They claim that they do not have a program in place or the equipment for EHM. However this law has been on the books for well over a decade.
IDOC could in fact borrow the EHM devices from the sex offenders divison and adhere to the law as it exist today.
It is time for IDOC to step to the plate and comply to the law as written.

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  • Ted

    Part of our problem, in my opinion, is that we don’t know how many people are actually on EHM right now. I could not get this info from the IDOC.

    We don’t know what the technology they are using is. If the current number is 1000, scaling that up to 25,000 may not be simple. A GPS system capable of monitoring and alerting local officers of violations would be a lot cheaper than keeping people in prison, but I doubt they have that now.

    But we need to know. Does anyone know how many people are now under EHM and what technology they are using? The current IDOC EHM vendors would know. Who are they?



  • Anonymous

    This may be a case of technology being of no more practical value than the weakest link in the human chain. One wonders why the program was not implemented ten years ago when it was first authorized. But leaving that aside, with the reality of the economic meltdown today, $175 million looks like a lot in fiscal & political terms, (which in matters of this nature is the coin of the realm, the lingua franca). Arguing for it today is the same as asking for a new outlay of $175 million in lean times, competiting with other programs that are established in the Springfield food chain.

    What sort of guidelines do they have in-house at IDOC for determining the priorities of allocating whatever funds they do have available for the bracelets? If I understand what I’m reading here correctly, some sex offenders are getting home-detention, while an elderly inmate with dementia who’s served a large part of a long term is somewhere in the paperwork…(Whew)

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