Larry P. Merar

Director of the Cure Illinois Wrongful Conviction Project

Education: Degrees in International Marketing, from Shinn Fu School of Business, Chiayi Taiwan R.O.C. and Gateway Resources, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Biography: Experience within U S Naval Security coupled with martial arts training, imbued a keen perception of the effect that cultural differences have when people interact. Respect for who you are rather than what you are is the soul of an enduring relationship and dignity is a major factor in all human affairs. With this as his tenet over the last 40 years, Larry developed a diverse manufacturing and supply base in Southeast Asia, that provides major American retailers with their proprietary brands of merchandise.

Mission: Larry once heard someone remark, If there is one thing that you should absolutely avoid, it would be getting involved with the criminal justice system. A dire warning but without merit if you will, based on ones belief in the integrity of the public servants who symbolize our bureaucracy. His wakeup call was the incarceration of a family member by Lake County, Illinois, an administration that is nationally recognized for judicial misconduct and wrongful convictions. Confronting Police, Prosecutorial and Judicial malfeasance is a priority at Cure Illinois. Individuals who manipulate the law to their own ends must be held accountable. Reparation at taxpayer expense is not a solution when by design, innocent people are incarcerated or put to death for a crime they did not commit.

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