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For each parent incarcerated, there’s at least one forgotten victim: a child.

While mom or dad is behind bars, the child’s sentence is to live with the absence of a parent, whether for days, years or a lifetime.

That void can have effects in ways both subtle and overt. That’s especially true for adolescents who have always looked to their parents as role models, but who now feel a sense of shame and social stigma that makes them question who they are.

These children face higher risks of committing crimes, and one day becoming inmates themselves.

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Approximately 20 percent of inmates in jails and 15 percent of inmates in state prisons have a serious mental illness. Based on the total number of inmates, this means that there are approximately 356,000 inmates with serious mental illness in jails and state prisons. This is 10 times more than the approximately 35,000 individuals with serious mental illness remaining in state hospitals

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In American prisons today, wanton staff brutality and degrading treatment of inmates occur across the country with distressing frequency.

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