Metal on metal, the sound reverberating through the brain; the very sound frightening.What next for those locked away for an indeterminate time?
Guards who resemble archetype 20th century SS officers more than 21st century enlightened correctional officers, food you won’t feed your pet and living conditions that make the slums seem like gold coast homes.
What can a family do? Maybe we cannot change the big things but the little things that contribute to the quality of life can be changed.
It is the little things that do make a difference; sending paper so they can write rather than having to buy it at 35% over retail in the commissary, is one way. It is allowed, there is no law that says it is contraband, as long as it is in the original wrapping.
Lobbying so they can order shoes, especially work boots, from another source than commissary as long as the shoes are within the guidelines allowed by the DOC, instead of 35% over retail.
We can lobby IDOC and the Governor’s office to stop allowing Consolidated to charge usury phone rates.
I know IDOC earns money from Consolidated; however, they only earn a small percentage, why not let the contract go out for bid and, their earnings would be the same but the rates charged the families would be significantly lower. Families who least can afford the expense of a phone call from prison is paying 300% of the normal tariff.
Call the Governor’s office and ask who is being paid off by Consolidated, call your local paper, call your representative, if we don’t nothing will happen. 217-782-7884.
Someone must have been paid. One of Blagojevich’s largest contributors has the contract to provide the women’s prisons with makeup sold through the commissary, doubt they would have been so generous if the commissary sales were not a money machine.

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