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$175,000,000. that is Real Money

Posted Tuesday February 17, 2009 by admin

How much is $174,000,000.00 in real money???It almost triples the amount the state currently spends on reading improvement, per Illinois state Board of Education’s budget for 2009, , Reading Improvement...

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Electronic Home Detention

Posted Saturday February 14, 2009 by admin

The law in Illinois provides for electronic home monitoring of non violent offenders. Currently it is not being implemented by the state. It would save the Illinois taxpayers $175,000,000.00 annually,...

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Anti-Cruelty to Humans

Posted Sunday January 25, 2009 by admin

  We spend BILLIONS helping animals, shed tears when a dog dies in a movie, empathize with the child who has lost their pet, decry those who abuse animals. But...

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