Hi Madeleine 🙂  I hope your computer is doing better today.  I’ll keep this short so you don’t have enough ammo to copy and paste it to the world just yet, but I have a few new ideas to further the CURE  (local and national) brand and really increase membership to a level and legitimacy never seen before.  Imagine a world where not only are we working on the existing goals and milestones to change the problems, but a world where by we create an entire support system that enables underprivileged children/families to visit their family in custody regardless of where they live or have been allocated.   (Like my testimony of being 2500+ miles away)  Think a-la ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation’ whereby flights, hotel, and transportation can be handled by CURE because of strong membership and donation dollars.  I have a plan on how to make that happen quickly too by the way.  Imagine the loyalty that will create among inmates, especially the small percentage that have some wealth and will fuel the cycle of membership sponsoring and membership as they are released and regain wealth.  All under the non-profit umbrella of course, but imagine where by a high profile father or individual can donate his/her american airlines miles or hilton points to ‘the cause’ so we can facilitate family travel for fathers/mothers day visit or god willing christmas visits.  There is this whole support network I can vision in my head and I know we can raise the funds to blow it out of the water.  Lobbying AND support, may heaven have mercy on our foe’s.  WE can make that happen.  So much for quick email 🙂  Sorry for any typos, have a great monday


From Mr. Banas


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CURE IL’s mission is to hold the Justice System accountable through a transparency policy that will monitor human practices to ensure that the incarcerated are treated with human dignity.