Officials at the highest-security federal prison in America have taken steps to address mental- health issues among the prison’s inmates, following a lawsuit that accuses the government of indifference. Now time for states to file suits! Read more: Supermax prison officials move to address mental health after lawsuit – The Denver Post Read The…

Above the Law: How the NC DPS Gets Away with Murder

This article is copied from our fellow CURE chapter in North Carolina. Thank you! An article sent out by a NC Prisoner- these events/issue are not recent NC-CURE reported these incidents to the US DOJ several years ago. Re-posting these issues along with several more recent events are in hopes of drawing media attention to the on-gong…

Electronic Home Detention

With today’s budget problems, why can’t we cut costs that are not necessary? Should someone who steals a $30.00 pair of jeans, cost the taxpayer 10,000 dollars or should it cost the $5.00 per day Electronic Home Detention costs or the $60+ dollars a day, per IDOC’s study,, and invest the difference in the community?

Stunning PowerPoint by Solitary Watch – Solitary 101 Reblogged from deafinprison:

By BitcoDavid PowerPoint presentation by Jean Casella and James Ridgeway of Solitary Watch. This is a truly massive work, and well worth taking a few minutes to watch in its entirety. Well written, informative and beautifully enhanced with photos and graphics, this presentation is a must see. please see at: