The law in Illinois provides for electronic home monitoring of non violent offenders.
Currently it is not being implemented by the state.
It would save the Illinois taxpayers $175,000,000.00 annually, but that is not the real savings. The real savings would be in lives saved if it was implemented.
Here is one story.
Danielle’s Sister died. Her mother came to tell her in prison. Danielle is serving a 20 year sentence and its almost time for her release.
Her sister had promised her a seven layer salad to celebrate her finally coming home.
Her sister’s death was senseless. Hit by a car while crossing the street. Not a busy street, just a quiet suburban one.
Danielle wasn’t supposed to be in prison.
She was the bright one. She was attending the University of Chicago on a full scholarship when something went haywire. Not her but her friends, a few too many… a dumb idea.. Whatever happened the appellate court reversed and remanded. The outcome was a reduced charge and sentence.
She was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and the wrong color.
Her sister, Dinah was her staunchest ally, visiting often and supplemented by numerous long phone calls, the sisters loved to talk about anything.
Danielle will still be going home. But home will not be the same for her or her Mother who just wanted her two girls to be happy and safe.
Last year the courts reduced her sentence, God gave her another sentence though, she has MS.
She is eligible for electronic home detention, which would allow her to help care for her aging Mother.

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