Our blog is meant to do several things:

I want to let all of the older/returning students that I know you’re out there and I’m right there with you, as is my co-blogger, Veronica!
Yes, I work 40 hours a week, sometimes more, travel 1 hour each way and get home about 5:30pm. My husband is the chief cook so I’m able to hole up in my computer room and do homework to my heart’s content. My younger daughter is also attending college, living at home, so she understands as well.

It’s not easy but you know what? It was my choice to return to school, so I knew, for the most part, what I was getting into. Sure, it’s tough, but I get the same feeling I get when I finish exercising. I did it for me.

I hope others who are thinking about returning to school will ask for advice, for help, and for support. We all need that.

I’ve added some more links of great websites that offer some great suggestions, great articles and more information about financial aid.

GO FOR IT! We are worth it!

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